Samstag, 25. Mai 2013

5000 years Megacity Uruk in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin

Two simple but beautiful flowers: the template for the first flourished about 3000 years ago somewhere in Mesopotamia, the other a few days ago at Remschütz in the Saale valley. The special exhibition "5000 years Megacity Uruk" led us on Pentecost Sunday in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. And before you get to face  the collected exhibits of the ancient city of Uruk  you  must inevitably pass through the Ishtar Gate. What a huge and beautiful building! Of course, the Eiffel Tower and any high-rise buildings of modern times are bigger. But what people 3000 years ago have built between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates , that ist  incredible. All without crane, excavators and concrete factories.

The Pergamon Museum has a whole lot of great sights and not just the Pergamon Altar and the agora of Miletus are world famous. No, many smaller exhibits are known from old textbooks and recurrent small pictures in all kinds of encyclopedias, newspapers and magazines. No wonder the tourists beat around billets of entry.
Here are a few impressions of our tour through five thousand years of human history in the Middle East. All pictures were taken only with the little EOS-M and the pancake 22mm f/2.0.