Freitag, 3. Mai 2013

World Press Freedom Day 2013

Today is World Press Freedom Day and BBC News writes:
The theme for 2013 is "Safe to speak": securing freedom of expression in all media, a focus that includes securing a free and open internet. But:
Everywhere is censorship, censored either the state (or who think they are) or  the press censored himself. 

There is nothing to add.

Here in Germany there for several years, only a conformist press, which has itself created a muzzle. All the newspapers write the same crap. Or write off of each other. Woe to any newspaper is something critical, which is not approved by Greenpeace, gender or justice! That is undoubtedly: racist, capitalist or even Nazi. Nothing in between. Friend or foe, black or white. All colors in between are abolished.
My contribution to the freedom of the press? I think and let me know itself.
So I canceled the newspaper four years ago and prefer to read in the world wide web. Is this then the truth? No, but if I get my information from multiple sources, then I come closer to the truth than by reading the regimented press organs.