Sonntag, 26. Januar 2014

A sad and cold winter day - on the road with the Ricoh GR

I can see you.
It is a brass monkey weather here in thuringia. All day long we are spoiled by freezing rain. The camera battery lasts only a short time and the objective lenses to freeze. Way cool.

I do not care a fig for it. Like every day I walk my five or six miles with my camera, looking for motives. Since a few days I'm on the road with the new Ricoh GR. As small as a compact camera but equipped with a large APS-C sensor. The Ricoh GR has a fixed focal length of 28mm and no low-pass filter. Thus, the photos are razor sharp and have a very high resolution. The autofocus is very fast and accurate. An ideal photo-tool for street photography. I have it but abused for just a few landscape photos today. But because the Ricoh GR has been built to take it, all in black and white.