Samstag, 27. April 2013

Frank Stella - monotonous controversies and views from Jena

Jena houses since 1996, five sculptures of the 76-year old cigar smoker and world-renowned painter and sculptor Frank Stella. Contrary else experienced subtle restraint which stands against everything related to the Jena Zeiss factories, the natives are across all intellectual and age groups not quite unanimous in their assessment of these works of art. Some would like to see if the garbage disposal would rapidly create irreversible facts, others raving with joy that  especially in the Thuringian province the entire Hudson River Valley Series of the New Yorker artist Stella on Ernst-Abbe-Platz was screwed.
Students between the cafeteria and auditorium take it kindly left. They waste no unnecessary look at it: the artworks are just part of the urban environment of Jena.

Stella is itself highly honored: his works are all really important museums of the world. 
Recently, U.S. President Barack Obama has honored the artist for his life's work with the "National Medal of Arts". This is the accolade for an American artist.

At the moment, his recent art works are on display in the old Jena tram depot in a special exhibition.Because Stella is a generous patron in contrast to the greedy personal or communal descendants of various old masters, the visit of the show is free.

While the contrast agent for computed tomography unfolded its effect, I had a freetime of half an hour for me to look at the sculptures and all around at the Abbe-Platz. In this time i snap some fotos with my old little Canon- camera.

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  1. Really awesome pictures, Ronald. I dont know wich image is best. Best regards Steve

  2. He, really fine pictures, I've been looking for a while sites with sculptures by Frank Stella. I did not know that so many are in Germany. Regards Hank Summersby