Sonntag, 20. April 2014

Dancing under the lime tree

This is not a new kind of national sport. There is an old tradition in Germany. Hundreds of years old linden trees were surrounded with scaffolding, on which was danced in a few days a year. In other words, people danced in the treetops.

Such dance lime trees have become very rare in Germany. Therefore we try to revive this old tradition. In Rudolstadt-a small town on the river Saale-it is an open air museum. There, a new dance lime tree was inaugurated last weekend. A lot of people have met and celebrated the event there and - of course-dancing around the lime tree. I'm sneaking around with my Leica and have photographed the people there.
The tree is still small and inconspicuous. But over the years it will grow and get bigger. So let's see in a few years after him.

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