Dienstag, 20. Mai 2014

Medieval time is still current.

Throughout old Europe, there are always large and small festivals that cheer the Middle Ages. That's no laughing matter. People need the right clothes and the right attitude. Then, such an event will have success. And of course you need a real castle. Here in Thuringia are a myriad of old, reconstructed, renovated and crumbling old castles and palaces. We have no problem to celebrate many medieval festivals. Every week a new festival, if need be. For photography lovers, such a medieval festival is of course a good thing: you can see a lot of people that dress strange and behave even more strange. Also, I could not restrain myself and have diligently photographed with the Leica. The photos are from the castle Leuchtenburg nearby Jena and the old castle at Ranis. Have fun looking at the photos.

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