Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013

(My) first impressions of the Canon EOS M

Part 3

The HDR-automatic in EOS-M works as in the Sony NEX or in various compact cameras. Three photos are shot fast one after the other and are processed inside. The taken up photos have in each case different exposures. In particular with back light this function can be very helpful. You can see here the strength of the effect.

With the setting "series picture" and "Bracketing" with three shots you can reach the same effect. The photos are worked on later with external programmes. Here I have used Nik HDR Efex:

Now to the autofocus. In general one must say  that he is really very slow. If i compare the autofocus to my Sony RX100, both are possibly equally quick. With bad lighting conditions is the Sony RX100  even better and finds faster the point of the best sharpness.
On the other hand: the autofocus is sufficient to grasp quick movements. One cannot say that he is suitable only for landscapes or architecture. Here some photos with quick movements.

In general you cannot use EOS M  for sport or quickly moving objects. Maybe helps an update of the firmware in next time.
Here in the end a couple of nightshots from my hometown. You sees  that EOS-M has no problems with the white comparison.

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