Sonntag, 16. Juni 2013

The Tokina RMC 24mm f/2.8 - a fairly unknown but interesting lens

If you still want to take good pictures with a small budget, then you need: a clear idea what you want to express and a few good primes that  you have bought quite for a song.
Such primes are correct secret. They are very cheap to buy, but have a very good optical performance. The Tokina with a focal length of 24 mm and a maximum aperture of 2.8 is one such tip.

Once a bit of statistics: Tokina lenses produced since 1950 for photography and video surveillance. Many older lenses have permission productions of other companies. The 24mm wide-angle lens was originally calculated by Kiron (headquartered in Carson, California) and sold worldwide under the name Vivitar. 
The lens is very compact and lightweight. The weight is only 185 grams with a length of 38 millimeters. The filter diameter is 52 mm, matching filters are therefore relatively cheap to buy.
The closest focusing distance is only 27 centimeters.

First the good news: this part is razor sharp even at full aperture (look for example picture with white anemone above this text). If you stop down, then you will only increase the depth of field. So far so good. You get a used lens  from just 20 Euros and should not pay more than 50 euros for it. Normally, I would say: Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. 
But unfortunately, this lens has real problems with chromatic aberrations (CA). These are ugly fringing the contrast edges. Especially at full aperture and at the edges of each photo.
The second problem is the high sensitivity to backlight. It is crucial to use a lens hood. Look at this sample photo:

If you know these drawbacks and can live with it, then buy this cheap lens! I will present a few alternatives in the coming weeks. But they will not be as cheap as this lens.

Here are a few sample images from the last days:

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