Montag, 17. Juni 2013

Workers' Uprising: The Unloved 17. June 1953

It's Exactly sixty years ago. In East Berlin and East German workers in many cities fought against their own political class. An incredible thing. The Communists and all the other gentlemen who had made ​​themselves comfortable in the empty seats of the Nazi bureaucrats were scared to death.
All other uprisings in German history were the result of intellectual thinkers. The left German  Intelligenzia (even modern green converted) refers to Marx, Engels, Liebknecht and Luxemburg. If necessary also on the Russian mass murderer Lenin or Stalin. But Nope: the German workers in June 1953 did not want a new intellectual superstructure, they only wanted fair wages and reasonable working hours. But that can not understand a narrow-minded german communists skull.
These people on the street had to be creepy new Nazis who not wanted to understand how great of communism and the New World Order really are. And with the Soviet occupation army they held all the aces in their hand. As the guiding lights Lenin or Stalin dropped them anything other than the supposed enemies to destroy by force of arms.

The union bosses were firmly on the side of the communist leader. And how did it turn out? The GDR hush this embarrassing event. In western Germany was celebrated every year on the 17th  June as a legal holiday. There were moist holiday speeches, no school and you could extend your weekend. That was all. That's all. The rest is silence.

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  1. Thank you for your report. Here in the states that everything is completely unknown. My friends know neither Europe nor Germany. They also are not interested in what in the world is going on elsewhere. Such is life with us. Regards Steve