Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

(My) first impressions of the Canon EOS-M

Part 2

Few impressions of the image quality of the EOS-M: in the small camera uses the same sensor as in the new SLR Canon EOS 650D. Of course, the processing electronics slimmed down and is missing some features. Nevertheless, the M-EOS keep up to about ISO 1600 with big sister 650D. Here are some shots from inside the "Schlossmuseum" (museum in the castle) in Weimar. The photos were taken at ISO 1250 and ISO 1600.

A small flash (the Canon Speedlite 90EX weighs without batteries only 50 grams and has a guide number of 9, it is powered by two AAA batteries and lasts completely for interior shots and as fill light for portraits and group shots) is in the standard equipment already there. By works with the 22mm lens with a maximum aperture of 2.0, the use of the flash is almost never necessary.
Generally, I would-after a few hundred shots, recommend to reduce the exposure a bit (normally should be -1 / 3 suffice).
On the Internet are now available offered from the renowned German company Novoflex and several small companies from China some adapter for the EOS-M. Thus ancient treasures from the display case used again. I have a few Canon FD lenses around and connected there via an adapter to the EOS-M. Such an adapter is  to get for less than 15, - Euro. He is - in spite of the low price- milled metal and of excellent quality. The setting of infinity is possible. I have used a Canon FD 50 / 1.8 and the zoom lens Canon FD 80-200/4.0. 

The EOS-M reacts easily with the use of MF lenses. You can choose a magnifying glass- function by tapping on the touchscreen either a 5x or 10x magnification of the subject and then make the lens focus. Use the shutter priority or aperture priority mode is possible. The EOS-M internally calculated the appropriate speeds and apertures. Unfortunately there is no "Focus Peaking" like the NEX cameras by Sony. Nevertheless, the focus and the handling of MF lenses with the EOS-M is straightforward.
Here are  few shots with my FD Lenses:

In the third part of my report i want to concern with the camera-automatics and other settings of the EOS-M, for example the HDR- automatic.

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  1. Qualitätsmäßig scheint sie echt gute Bilder abzuliefern.
    Vom Bild her ist das Kronleuchterbild echt Klasse.

    Ich würde die M der 650D aufgrund der geringeren Größe vorziehen.