Donnerstag, 15. November 2012

No time for reality

Wednesday, the 14th November 2012. The citizens in the Spanish capital Madrid to protest against their government. The Police used batons, water cannons and fired rubber bullets at peaceful civilians. People in Spain are not alone in their anger. General strike in Portugal, marches are in France, Italy, Belgium and Greece go. Posters are everywhere held in the cameras of photographers and cameramen. On which is written: "You saved the banks, who will save us?". Governments in the European Union are hit by the current financial crisis and save itself broken. Pensions, wages and social benefits will be reduced radically. The domestic consumption is reduced to a historic low. Unemployment rose in Spain alone in the last year of 8 to 26 percent, over 60 percent of young people under 25 years without employment and income. In Portugal and Greece, it is no different. At the same time, more and more governments flee under the European rescue fund ESM and apply for billions of euros in subsidies to save the ailing banks who gambled in the housing crisis. Ordinary people helps no one. Instead, the politicians rigid after each new savings orgy on the financial markets as a rabbit to the snake. They hope that the shares go up in value and investors more and rake in more money. The concerns of the citizens who elected them disappear completely.
What the bureaucrats of the European Union  do on 14th November 2012? They protest against the police violence in Madrid and Rome? Ask for the observance of human rights, such as in China or somewhere in Africa? No. None of that.
The European Commission has decided on that day that in the future 40 percent of the seats on the board of large corporations must be occupied  by women. It has decided to ban all children's books with drawings, in which girls play with dolls and boys with cars. They have decided that Europe will become a federation of nation states loving each other. They has eight hours to advise on the "cohesion in EU policies". And then celebrated. With a large meal. No sympathy for the demonstrators, not a protest against the abusive police, no time for reality.

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  1. Well said, I am very interested in events in Germany and Europe. My grandparents immigrated from Silesia. I think in a few years back, it looks so bad as before the last war. Greetings from Al in Albany: o)