Dienstag, 13. November 2012

The creeping revolution

With the digital cameras it is already history. With film cameras are as good as no longer produced, and certainly not bought. A couple of dudes fumble still or once again their outdated Kodak films in the tricky spool of analog cameras and enjoy the beautiful grain in the pictures. They want to be different than all the other photographers and it is also. After they fired one or two films, where most back ruefully to the usual. One can just see what will be in the picture on it and no need to wait anxious hours before laboratory if it is sharp or blurred again. The buzz around the SLR is now also gone. The marketing promised for the average consumer, that you just must hang a large and heavy piece around the neck to shoot really good photos. Everywhere people were running around, took pictures in the automatic mode and with the inevitable kit lens flowers or their children. After two hours and three hundred pictures later, the images were then not better than before with small digicams or handy. Only the neck was hurting from the camera because it weighs more than a kilogram.
Otherwise, the trend is very clear: more and more, almost all photos are shot with the increasingly mobile. No wonder: it is always there, because you want to be reachable. For the dear colleagues all friends, or the one who holds it. Just the ubiquitous social network, a synonymous for Facebook.

And now it also goes down to the nitty-gritty. That in which it has clung to the last chaotic years fixed.
Books goes to e-books and solve an unprecedented wave of hunger to read. I see people reading who previously only had one cookbook and their phonebook. Unbelievable! And Good!
Linear TV is completely out. You watch DVDs, four episodes a season at a time, one after another. No advertising, no stupid news, the only gaga. Nobody wants to wait for the start time of a tv-show, and recently you can also retrieve items on the net, whenever you want. And why not?
Manufacturers of computers for consumers stuck with all that can not feed itself. Notebook is just like, tablet is better or handy is also (but  the screen must be large and with high resolution,).

And all this not in one fell swoop, from today to tomorrow. No. Very slowly, these networked digital revolution creeps into all areas of our life. You get used to it instantly. And woe if it then does not work. A day or two is not Internet- bare disaster! What you could not miss everything that happens without my help?

Where will it end? No idea. Before, I had a hunch when I looked a series like Star Trek. James T. Kirk and his art! Just cool.

Today this is already old news. "Beam me up!"- it does not go well. But we're working.

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