Freitag, 23. November 2012

Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is coming

Nobody in Germany knows some about Thanksgiving and Black Friday. All News in America a full of informations about the sales rush on this friday and the problems of the workers, that must work since yesterday in Walmart and Co. Because: Black Friday kicked off around 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving. Shoppers are expected to take part of the thanksgiving sales and storm Target, Toys R Us or Sears.
A few years back someone was trampled to death at Florida's Walmart for a $25 DVD player. This year it will probably be a cheap Blu-ray player. Thats a really progress, isnt it?
In Germany we have fortunately no problems when shopping for Christmas. Everything is regulated by the state. There are three Sundays before Christmas where you can shop. It may only be open from noon to 18 clock in the evening. People have celebrated the extension of opening times a few years ago. Now you can shop at most to 22 clock in the evening. Even on Saturdays. Wonderful. Not only for the people in the shops, which then work for another hour and are also an hour earlier at the store. Well anyway, the main thing X-mas comes and you are happy and love each other. Here are some pictures from a local Christmas fair, called in german "Weihnachtsmarkt".

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