Sonntag, 18. November 2012

The "German Tofu feed-in law" comes from 1 January 2013

The "tofu-feed-law" states that seedlings of soy tofu each sausage must be added, which is produced in Germany. The meat producers and butchers will guaranteed a price of 12, - € per kilogram produced sausage , although the quality and quantity of varieties and content determination fluctuate. This price is about 40% higher than the current market level. It is financed by the "TEG levy" burdened with any type of sausage, also import products like Hungarian salami. Bulk consumers such as Hotels and restaurants are exempt from the levy. With its European neighbors this technique is not matched. Emerging supply constraints are, if possible, replaced by imported tofu. 95% of these  soybean seedlings are from China and South-East Europe. The German Meat producers vehemently protest against this regulation. They are forced to produce their previous sausages further as tofu mixtures are indeed removed primarily by law, but the produced quantity limited by supply bottlenecks . Therefore, the usual sausage are held in "standby" if once bottlenecks can not be covered with imports of tofu. Since this is unprofitable, call the sausage manufacturer for financial compensation, which will be passed on to consumers. Bulk consumers receive if supplies are damages that will be added to the "TEG levy". However, it is often over-production quantities that can not be sold. For longer storage, lack the capacity. For a temporary production shutdown for German sausage is an additional levy on the "TEG assessment" levied to compensate for the loss of sausage producers. Occasionally buys from abroad over production quantities. Potential buyers are lured by a "negative price". Per ton decrease paid to foreign customers from 100 to 1500 €. The costs will also be the "TEG levy" slammed. Sausage abroad protesting because the production in their factories can not be planned. Governments threaten a ban on imports, for example the popular German "Bratwurst" from overproduction. Because of the climate change objectives of the EU, there is no limit to the production of meat and sausage production with tofu. Cereals and vegetables are displaced. Prices and rents for arable land and grassland rise. Farms are unprofitable. Since grains and vegetables are still needed, the farmers ask the legislature for compensation. In the meantime, farmers migrate to the cultivation of green fodder and other cattle feed types. Individuals without idea and expertise throughout the Republic lease or buy land to grow  of clover and grass. Even in areas that are not suitable. Forests are being cleared to make room, disappears Barrens. In North and Baltic artificial islands are built. Thousands of kilometers of transport routes are planned. The companies that want to have to connect the islands to the mainland under contract invest only if the follow-up costs do not need to be paid by them.
A law is being prepared, according to which these costs are to be an "off-shore assessment" passed on to the consumer.

Fortunately, this is only just a fun, but who knows? Maybe soon reality.

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  1. I can not believe this. Though: You Europeans have basically a full tit. You're stupid, totally stupid. We also somehow. ;o) Best regards Jeff.